An Inventory of The Art

In Progress

Aerial Theatre Show - Untitled


Digital Art - 'For The Sake of Another's Peace'

Digital Art - Untitled

Costume - Deer


Digital Art - 'Tomorrow, We Will Try Again'

Digital Art - 'The Shadows of My Own Mind'

Digital Art - 'Master of My Own Light'

Aerial Theatre Show - 'DANU'. In collaboration with Erebidae Circus


Digital Art - 'Don't Let Them Know Where We Go'

Digital Art - 'Don't Let Them Know You Need Saving'

Digital Art - 'For Even The Moon Illuminates With Stolen Light'

Digital Art - 'Until My Return'

Digital Art - 'I Walked Through Hell to Get Here'

Digital Art - 'Drawing Down The Moon'

Aerial Theatre Show - 'Virtual Rogues', In collaboration with Caravan Stage Company


Digital Art - 'Make Me Feel Alive'

Digital Art - 'Run With Me'

Aerial Act - 'Mine Own Eyes', Music by Jym Daly and Halsey

Ballroom Dance - In collaboration with Netflix in The School for Good and Evil






Aerial Theatre Show - 'Nomadic Tempest', In collaboration with Caravan Stage Company


Aerial Act - 'Finding my Querencia', Music by Evanescence 

Aerial Act - 'You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile', music by Sia


Aerial Act - 'Trust in Me', music by Scarlett Johansson

Graphite Pencil - 'Portrait of Rachel Strickland'

Graphite Pencil - 'Portrait of Aisling ní Cheallaigh'

2015 and before

Aerial Act - 'Rise Up', music by Foxes

Graphite Pencil - 'Portrait of Alice Levine'

Graphite Pencil - 'Portrait of Michelle Gomez'

Graphite Pencil - 'Portrait of Phil Lester'

Graphite Pencil - 'Portrait of Zoe Sugg'